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Knot Your Basic B*tch - A High Fructose Cornsyrup Verse Book

Knot Your Basic B*tch - A High Fructose Cornsyrup Verse Book

Who wants a shot at love and a pack of their very own? Not this b*tch.

After growing up in the famous Stryker pack, with six dads, two moms and fifteen siblings, do you know what I want? To finally get some F*#!ING peace and quiet.

Too bad I’ve perfumed and had to sign up at the Institute as an omega.

Nothing will stand between me and my dream—to finally get a nice calm secretarial job—not even sexy twins or chiseled abs. At least, that's what I tell myself.

But when destiny crashes into all my careful plans with HOT scent matches, will I be able to cling to my hope for a simple life? Or will I let them sweep me off my feet?

Knot Your Basic B*tch is an MMFM omegaverse parody.

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Miyo Hunter

After years of writing, Miyo decided to unleash her wolfish fantasies upon the world. Shifters. Dominant Alphas. Sweet love and dark fantasy. Miyo is writing this for every reader who wants their characters bent over chairs and called a good girl. For everyone who wants to forget their day-jobs and responsibilities and curl up to read something spicy. For everyone who wants to unlock a world that’s just a little bit wild.

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