PoisonVerse Worldbuilding

Bond Types

While the PoisonVerse does have normal bonds that function similarly to many omegaverses, it also has two additional bond types. Packs with the bonds below cannot bond additional omegas into the pack.

Princess Bonds* [Open]

'A bond of reverence'

An omega dominated bond. A bond that places the omega in a position of high authority within the pack. This bond can only form between scent-matched mates. If rejected, the omega becomes a duchess (see below), and the rejected pack does not get another scent-matched mate. It's a high-risk bond for alphas to offer.

Dark Bonds* [Open]

'A bond of control'

An alpha dominated bond. A dark bond is a bond of ultimate control of an alpha over an omega. It can be claimed by a bite, even without consent. Omegas in a dark bond must follow all commands given to them. Resisting commands leaves them in pain. In the PoisonVerse, it is illegal to dark bond an omega unless they are gold pack or give consent for the bond.

In the PoisonVerse it is illegal to dark bond an omega unless they are gold pack, or unless they give consent for the bond.

Special Statuses

Gold Pack Omegas [Closed]

[PoisonVerse exclusive] Outcast omegas.

Gold pack omegas are omegas who choose not to go to the Institute within a year of perfuming. Without the injection the Institute offers, their eyes turn gold, marking them as outcasts and a threat to society's safety. Alpha children birthed by gold packs are Rogues—alphas who are not constrained by laws that keep the population safe. Gold pack omegas are forbidden from having children and are unprotected by many laws designed to keep omegas safe.

Duchesses and Dukes* [Open]

Omegas who have rejected princess bonds (or rejected their own mates).

They are desired, and their scents are particularly alluring. Rich packs like to have duchesses on their arms for the status they bring. They are usually well-off and have their pick of suitors while they remain packless.

Sweethearts* [Open]

Beta companions to packs of alphas who don't have omegas and need alternative forms of balancing.

Free Use

An asterisk (*) [Open] next to a term indicates that it is part of PoisonVerse worldbuilding and has been made accessible to the broader omegaverse.

  1. The use of these concepts is left to the author's interpretation. These ideas are freely available for inspiration or direct adoption by name to other omegaverse content outside of the PoisonVerse. However, incorporating these terms does not classify the content as PoisonVerse content by brand or title, which is under the oversight and approval of Marie Mackay.
  2. The PoisonVerse does not claim ownership of individual ideas (e.g., bonds of control as a general concept); but only the use of these concepts, such as the details, characters, and unique elements in addition to title when attributed to an omegaverse setting in the manner in which it has been.
  3. The PoisonVerse is not responsible for how authors choose to utilize these ideas. It is important to emphasize that the PoisonVerse promotes inclusivity and explicitly denounces morally objectionable actions, including but not limited to homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and any actions targeting marginalized communities.