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Melissa Huxley

I'm a pure chaos demon living in Midlands England with my cinnamon roll of a fiancee and a small mountain of squishmallow cows.

You'll often find me writing or reading smut, doing some sort of DIY craft or chasing the neighborhood cats down for snuggles.

SC Morrison

Skye grew up in California, riding horses in the coastal fog of the Bay Area. She loves dogs, books, and TTRPGs (Tabletop role-playing games). From an early age, she developed a fondness for reading that started with popular fantasy books, probably due to her love of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and RPGs in general. That quickly developed into an obsession with everything romance. She still loves fantasy, but there’s gotta be a love story. Now she will read just about anything, but prefers it dark and dirty. She enjoys playing DnD, video games, and other TTRPGs, but now she also builds worlds, characters, and stories in her books to share with you.

About Miyo Hunter

After years of writing, Miyo decided to unleash her wolfish fantasies upon the world.

Shifters. Dominant Alphas. Sweet love and dark fantasy. Miyo is writing this for every reader who wants their characters bent over chairs and called a good girl. For everyone who wants to forget their day-jobs and responsibilities and curl up to read something spicy. For everyone who wants to unlock a world that’s just a little bit wild.

Amy Nova

Amy Nova is a writer and marketer from New York. A picture perfect day would be curled up with a matcha latte, writing smart, sexy, magical adventures for all the weirdos that live in her head.

About Lilith

LILITH K. DUAT writes the kind of things she wants to read.

When she's not writing smut, she's reviewing it over at

All of her works can be found at