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Omegaverse Audio Bundle: Havoc and Forget Me Knot

Omegaverse Audio Bundle: Havoc and Forget Me Knot

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This is the extended audio of Havoc Killed her Alpha and Forget Me Knot extended editions (bonus content novellas included). It's over 30 hours of omegaverse goodness!


Havoc Content warnings:

The main character has a history of sexual and physical abuse explored in first person flashbacks with a focus on emotional journey, while not including explicit detail of abuse itself.

This is an enemies-to-lovers romance. There is discourse between Havoc and her love interests for portions of this novel via intimidation and threat (with no threat of sexual violence).

Other content labels include: Explicit spice, group scenes, and MM. For adult listeners only.



Forget Me Knot Content Warnings

This is an MMFMMM, a scent matched pack including a male omega who is a part of the scent match.

Triggers include: Home invasion, stuffing omegas in metal vaults for their own safety, somewhat consensual kidnapping, and stalkers.
References of human trafficking and backstory of sexual assault entirely off-screen.
Discussion of infertility and a woman's role in society but without touching on grief associated with infertility. Gun and knife violence. References to murder of omegas. PTSD and grief.

Double heat (the bonus content novella)
Inclusion of orgasm denial, mild degradation, oral knotting, and triple knotting scenes.
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