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Pack of Lies: A Why Choose Omegaverse (Poisonverse)

Pack of Lies: A Why Choose Omegaverse (Poisonverse)

An omega test subject. A secret facility that needs her back. The scent-matched pack with secrets.

I’ve been at the Centre for years; enough time that freedom isn’t something I consider anymore. So when a pack of alphas break me out and swear to keep me safe, it should be a dream come true.

Especially when they claim I’m their scent matched omega.

But years of tests and experiments have ruined my sense of smell, and I’m forced to take their word for it. They’re handsome enough to be a dream pack, but I know better than most if something seems too good to be true, it is.

After so long surviving alone, I don’t know how to trust anymore, and I can’t shake the feeling that they’re keeping secrets from me. Secrets with the potential to tear us apart.

I have two options:

Trust that a misfit omega like me can have the life I was too scared to hope for, or go back to protecting myself alone.

Even if I go with them, could I ever fall for this pack? Or have years of experimentation left me a broken omega?
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Olivia Lewin

Olivia Lewin is a master of mayhem and purveyor of chaos from the rainy province of BC, Canada. She has many romance writing love interests, from omegaverse to monster to paranormal. Her current primary partner (or sub-genre) is contemporary omegaverse, including her own OV universes and the PoisonVerse.

Her romance with writing is the only romance that exists in her life - and she prefers it that way. Popsicle, her brainless but adorable orange tabby cat, would be offended by lack of attention if she had a human partner. Outside of writing, she can be found cuddling Popsicle, reading romance, or hanging upside down on a pole doing various poses that look way easier when other people do them.

Her main homes online are her newsletter and Facebook group, where she enjoys dropping teasers and other fun things at random intervals.

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