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Rogue Alphas

Rogue Alphas

On the knife’s edge of becoming a gold pack omega—an outcast—Katja was on the run from a fate worse than death. Dragged from her life on the streets by a pack of criminals, she knew her luck had gone from bad to worse. They’re feral alphas, monsters who won’t hesitate to use her for their own ends. But she was no stranger to nightmares. Cornered like a cat, and out of options, this dead end could be her last chance at freedom.

Rogue Alphas is an omegaverse short story set in the existing Poisonverse literary world. This story is dark and contains potential triggers such as: suicidal thoughts, dub-con/non-con (hormonal / OV) between FMCs and MCs, depiction of sexual abuse/control, references to past sexual abuse of FMC as a minor, gun use, generalized violence, homicide, burglary, underage drinking, gore, a scared/hunted omega escaping abuse, and more. If any of these topics cause discomfort, please skip this story and safeguard your well-being. Enjoy!

This short story is a hopeful for a full length PoisonVerse Book but for now it is temporarily available in the 'Claimed by the Dark' anthology!

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SC Morrison

Skye grew up in California, riding horses in the coastal fog of the Bay Area. She loves dogs, books, and TTRPGs (Tabletop role-playing games). From an early age, she developed a fondness for reading that started with popular fantasy books, probably due to her love of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and RPGs in general. That quickly developed into an obsession with everything romance. She still loves fantasy, but there’s gotta be a love story. Now she will read just about anything, but prefers it dark and dirty. She enjoys playing DnD, video games, and other TTRPGs, but now she also builds worlds, characters, and stories in her books to share with you.

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