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Ruined Alphas: Why Choose Omegaverse

Ruined Alphas: Why Choose Omegaverse

An omega terrorist. The pack hunting her. An impossible scent match.

The Institute put a price on my head. They were hunting me down to silence the little omega terrorist. Well, they tried to. Luther Saint was their best agent. He was sent to kill me. If he did, at least I’d finally be free.

Even with my life in his hands, one deep breath was all it took for me to know he was mine. He let me go and that put him in more danger than he could imagine. The only thing that would keep him safe was pretending we never met.

Our next target was an alpha born into one of the most elite packs in the city. Jackson Serrano was sweet and charming, the kind of alpha any omega would want. The kind of alpha who would never want an omega like me. One fake date to put a tracker on him and we would ruin his life.


The moment we meet, he becomes my whole world. He says we're scent matches. Fated mates.

He wants to take me to meet his pack…

Pack… omegas… nests… heat… all the things I was raised to fear.

Now I’m caught between a desperate hope for a pack I can never have, and the dangerous beta fringe group that wants us all dead.

And I am their best weapon to destroy the pack.

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Amy Nova

I write books that bite.
I have always loved smart, sexy, magical fiction…. When a group of witches, vampires, and shifters started hanging out in my brain, I couldn’t say no and had to make them real on paper!
I LOVE morally gray characters.
I LOVE impossible choices.
I LOVE characters who want to burn it all to the ground. Bonus points if it's to save someone they love.

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