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Something Knotty Something Blue

Something Knotty Something Blue

In New Oxford, marriage is a Beta thing, but I'm an Omega.

All my life I’ve been a good girl. I’ve behaved and never caused a fuss. Omega or not, my dreams have always lined up with my mother’s expectations: find a nice beta boy, marry, have kids, and a white picket fence.

Until I found the Heller Pack. 
My pack.

I've never felt as wanted as I do when I’m with them. I need nothing more than to be at their side, no matter how much my mother disapproves.

But, I also want my special day.

After a year of suffering through heat suppressants and chemical cocktails to keep our urges at bay, tonight is the magical night when I walk down the aisle and become their bride. My pack can claim me at last.
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