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Forget Me Knot: A Why Choose Omegaverse (Poisonverse)

Forget Me Knot: A Why Choose Omegaverse (Poisonverse)

A rich omega. Lost memories. A threat money can't solve.

They say I’m a duchess: an omega who rejected my mates. It’s a title that lends me wealth and power. A perfect life.
Yet, danger closes in, nameless and faceless: I'm hunted by a ghost from my missing past.

Nothing I do is enough.

Today, I do what I swore I never would—I search for a pack to protect me. I know the risk—that anyone I match will carry this threat too, but I’m alone, terrified and no longer safe in my own home.
I make the desperate choice, and pay to match with The Institute’s most upstanding packs.
Blessedly, one scent is undeniable. Irresistible.
A match for life.
But karma pays my choice back in kind. One mistake, one vial misplaced, and my only hope becomes my worst nightmare.

The mates I’m bound to might be more dangerous than the threat I’m trying to escape.

I’m out of time and out of options.
I can return home alone and hope my past won’t cost me everything, or place myself at the mercy of pack St.James: notoriously violent criminals.
But what will they do if they discover the danger I bring to their doorstep?

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Marie Mackay

A British-Canadian writer, artist, and ex nurse currently living in BC, Canada. All the art-from the cover, to the illustrations within the pages-are her own.I'm a self-proclaimed angst queen, and I write omegaverse and fantasy romance, most often with many lovers per lady. I have a strong preference toward enemies to lovers, bully, and dark voices.The voices I bring to the paper draw from the distinct social settings in which I have lived, the many places I have travelled, and from my time in health care.I maintain a commitment not to write pregnancy in my books (including epilogues). While I have nothing against the beauty of babies, my leading ladies find HEAs outside of children <3

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