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Sweetheart: Part One

Sweetheart: Part One

Never let them discover I’m an omega.

Never let them discover I’m their mate.

Bonded to a cruel pack against my will, I’ve become a ransom for the celebrity alphas I scent matched. They’re my only chance at freedom, and I have to make them fall for me before it’s too late.

But it won’t be simple. Sent to their home a Sweetheart—a beta companion for packs of aggressive alphas without omegas—I’m forced to keep myself secret until they fall for me, or until my heat.

But I grew up obsessed with the Crimson Fury Pack; I know they’re good people. I can convince them to save me.

Only, once in their home, I learn all too fast that my mates are nothing like they seem from interviews and magazines…

And how did I end up here?

One stupid internet post I made three months ago.


I (19/F/Omega) made a huge mistake.

I’m obsessed with the Crimson Fury pack and have been since forever. I’ve watched every movie and interview. They hosted a signing last week, but their events are betas only. They avoid contact with omegas to stay career focused.

I know it was wrong, but I went. I used contacts and scent dampners and my fake beta I.D.

Here’s the problem: I scent-matched them.

So… my movie star crushes are my mates and they have no idea because I panicked and ran out of there so fast.

I’m still panicking. Sure, I’ve loved them for years, but everything just got so real. I don’t want to ruin their lives—and they’d never want a gold pack omega like me.

But it seems wrong to ignore the match. They’ll never get another mate.

I’ve been losing my mind. Should I just pretend it never happened? Or do I tell them?

What will they do if they find out they have an omega like me for a match?

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Marie Mackay

A British-Canadian writer, artist, and ex nurse currently living in BC, Canada. All the art-from the cover, to the illustrations within the pages-are her own.I'm a self-proclaimed angst queen, and I write omegaverse and fantasy romance, most often with many lovers per lady. I have a strong preference toward enemies to lovers, bully, and dark voices.The voices I bring to the paper draw from the distinct social settings in which I have lived, the many places I have travelled, and from my time in health care.I maintain a commitment not to write pregnancy in my books (including epilogues). While I have nothing against the beauty of babies, my leading ladies find HEAs outside of children <3

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