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Sweetheart Part Two

Sweetheart Part Two

I’d fought and lost.

Rejected, with my heat pushed off for the last time, I’m left to the cruel pack who see me as nothing more than an object.
But is it possible the Crimson Fury pack will fight to get me back?
Fragile and broken, I desperately cling to my last conviction: This time if I choose my mates, I’ll choose them for myself and not because of this dark bond. I’ll drag the alphas that enslaved me to the gates of hell before I let them steal that away.

Last time, I had to convince my mates to fall for me.
Now, it’s their turn.

Earning my heart might be the key to breaking my chains, but can Rook, Ebony, Love, and Drake become the men I will fall for before it's too late?
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Marie Mackay

A British-Canadian writer, artist, and ex nurse currently living in BC, Canada. All the art-from the cover, to the illustrations within the pages-are her own.I'm a self-proclaimed angst queen, and I write omegaverse and fantasy romance, most often with many lovers per lady. I have a strong preference toward enemies to lovers, bully, and dark voices.The voices I bring to the paper draw from the distinct social settings in which I have lived, the many places I have travelled, and from my time in health care.I maintain a commitment not to write pregnancy in my books (including epilogues). While I have nothing against the beauty of babies, my leading ladies find HEAs outside of children <3

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