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Shattered Omega: Part Three

Shattered Omega: Part Three

To the rest of the world, I'm a damsel; rejected by my own mates and bonded against my will.
Now, I need them to see that broken omega, so easily underestimated, because it's up to me to save my pack.

With threats closing in, time is running out, and if I can't find answers, I might lose Dusk, Ransom, and Umbra—the alphas I've fallen for. Alphas who have already had everything stolen from them. But I know my pack—I know the sacrifices they would make for my protection, and I can’t let them give up any more.

I've always wondered what it means to be an omega. Now, I finally understand; if I want them to survive, it's up to me.
They've protected me long enough.

Now, it's my turn.

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Marie Mackay

A British-Canadian writer, artist, and ex nurse currently living in BC, Canada. All the art-from the cover, to the illustrations within the pages-are her own.I'm a self-proclaimed angst queen, and I write omegaverse and fantasy romance, most often with many lovers per lady. I have a strong preference toward enemies to lovers, bully, and dark voices.The voices I bring to the paper draw from the distinct social settings in which I have lived, the many places I have travelled, and from my time in health care.I maintain a commitment not to write pregnancy in my books (including epilogues). While I have nothing against the beauty of babies, my leading ladies find HEAs outside of children <3

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